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suggested points to make

Post by sr.mary-angela on Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:28 pm

Points to include in a note to parents at the beginning of the year re: TOB
• This fall, all Catholic schools in the Lincoln Diocese, at the request of Bishop Conley, are implementing a K-8 Theology of the Body Curriculum in conjunction with our religion curriculum.
• Key components of this curriculum include (in age-appropriate ways according to grade level):  
o The special dignity of human persons compared to the rest of creation in God’s loving plan.
o God’s love for each person He created and their identity as His unique, precious and unrepeatable child
o The human body expresses the soul (referred to as “language of the body”) and therefore also has great dignity (addresses purity, modesty, abuse, pornography)
o The complementarity but equal dignity of being male and female and our identity coming from God (addresses genuine friendships, gender issues)
o The beauty of marriage as a bond that reflects the unity of the Trinity (addresses same-sex attraction, God’s intention for the family)
o Vocation as a free, total, faithful and fruitful gift of self
o Jesus’ free gift of love in taking on human flesh to redeem and restore the brokenness of our human family
o Living a life of virtue as the path to fulfillment and ultimate happiness
• Express enthusiasm over this opportunity to bring to the children a fresh and deeper perspective on our dignity as human persons.
• Reference to a parent letter sent out by the school administrator, access to their child’s grade level curriculum on the diocesan website ( and any other helpful resources.


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