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Post by sr.mary-angela on Tue Sep 05, 2017 1:12 pm

TOB topics can be communicated to parents simply by including a couple bullets on a homework sheet. Here is one example from a first grade classroom:

Over the next few weeks we will be learning about some of Pope Saint John Paul ll’s Theology of the Body teaching in Religion at a first grade level! Below are listed the topics we will cover this week. Please look for religion updates of the other topics we will cover on the homework sheet in the coming weeks.
- God created Adam and Eve and all human beings in His image and likeness. Humans have a body and soul, unlike animals.
- The body reflects the soul to help us know what people are thinking or feeling (I can tell someone is happy or sad by the way they look or act).
- We need to respect our bodies and the bodies of others because they are a gift from God, and very good.
- If we see something that does not show respect for the body we should turn away and tell an adult right away (magazine, TV, tablet, phone, etc).


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