Overview of Curriculum Materials

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Overview of Curriculum Materials

Post by sr.mary-angela on Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:25 pm

• 7th grade: Love and Life: A Christian Sexual Morality Guide for Teens is the foundation text.
o Use the curriculum to know which specific chapters are to be explicitly taught (roughly the first half of the book and a couple later chapters) along with the teacher’s guide. This book is not as thorough with TOB concepts so the curriculum has a lot more supplemental concepts that should be taught.
o There should be a student textbook for each child (re-usable) and a parent handbook to go along with it to send home for parents to read/review with their child. Again, note the specific chapters. Some of the later chapters focus on dating, which is helpful but not as pertinent for 7th grade (or at least this should be pointed out to them!).
o “Game Plan” abstinence book is encouraged as a supplement (teacher discretion on how to implement, what to teach explicitly, etc.). You should have a book for each student (consumable – these are offered free of charge so we plan to get them each year). There is a teacher’s guide with ideas on how to teach from it. It also has a parent discussion portion at the end of each chapter that could be helpful to assign for students to interact with their parents about these important issues. The purpose of this book is obviously directly abstinence-related and it comes at it from a “healthy choices for your life” sort of view. It does not have the full sense of being created as an image of God, etc., but we thought it was complementary for helping students to also have a “practical” angle for keeping themselves pure and seeking healthy relationships.


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